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Hobbies, Mindfulness, Kindness Help Survivors During Pandemic

Kevin Thompson got a puppy, Sla'inte (pronounced slan-cha), during the pandemic to keep him company. Hobbies, Mindfulness, Kindness Help Survivors During Pandemic By Eliza Marie Somers During the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, Joanne Cohen kicked off the Brain Injury Hope Foundation’s Zoom Survivor Series seminars with 13 rays of hope and tips for […]

Strategies to Combat Cognitive Fatigue

Co-founder of The Brain Injury Hope Foundation Mary Ann Keatley explains the Energy Pie during the October 2020 Survivor Series via Zoom. By Eliza Marie Somers We’ve all experienced exhaustion: When we are so tried after a long day we just collapse on the sofa, lacking the energy to take a shower or even to […]

Self-care Crucial for Caregivers’ Health

Joanne Cohen, vice president of the Brain Injury Hope Foundation, says caregivers also face grief. For more information on grief and brain injuries, please see our two blogs on the subject. Gaining Your Power Back with Counseling after Brain Injury and The Benefits of Counseling after Brain Injury.   By Eliza Marie Somers A familiar phrase […]

Eat to Thrive after a Brain Injury

The Brain Injury Hope Foundation recommends that you please consult your physician for all medical advice. And please remember, the statements in this blog post are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Brain Injury Hope Foundation, its representatives and officers have not verified and do not condone any opinions or recommendations contained herein and are […]

Gaining Your Power Back with Counseling after Brain Injury

BIHF Vice President Joanne Cohen, top left, Rita Coalson, MA, LPC NCC, and BIHF President Gayann Brandenburg, bottom, facilitate the Benefits of Counseling Following a Traumatic or Acquired Brain Injury on July 17, 2020.  Counseling may be the furthest thing from someone’s mind during recovery from a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), but it might […]

13 Keys to Re-empowerment During the Pandemic

Getting Hit, Getting Up, Moving Beyond and Making a Difference Graphic recording  To describe the year 2020 as vexing, exasperating and terrifying is an understatement as the coronavirus pandemic remains a deadly cloud over our everyday lives. Add in a traumatic brain injury and the anxiety can be unbearable at times. However, Joanne Cohen, vice […]

Neuroplasticity Key to Many New Therapies

Healthcare Panel Reveals Unique Ways to Recover from TBI BIHF Vice President Joanne Cohen, standing left, greets the February 2020 Treatment Panel participants: Nancy Bonifer, standing left to right, Candi Boyd, Dr. Eric Spier, Dr. Jeff McWhorter, seated left, and Dr. Shane Steadman. Working with “non-traditional” doctors while recovering from a brain injury has helped […]

TBI Survivors Reveal Their Successes

BIHF vice president Joanne Cohen, back, welcomes Jeffrey Therrian and Dr. JoAnne Silver Jones to the January 2020 Survivor Series Luncheon. Six brain injury survivors revealed their tips to thriving after a TBI to kick off the 2020 series of the Brain Injury Hope Foundation’s Survivor Series Luncheons on January 10 at the West Metro […]

The Benefits of Counseling After a Brain Injury

While most survivors of a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) keep a laser-like focus on the physical  healing of the brain, one aspect of the therapeutic process is often an afterthought and usually  forgotten and overlooked. That important aspect is a person’s psychological and emotional well-being. To help survivors and their families understand the importance […]

A Path to a Paycheck After a TBI

So much of “who we are” is linked to our employment. I’m an electrician, a fireman, an accountant, an attorney, a teacher. Yes, we all have a deep attachment to our occupation. So after a mild traumatic brain injury, a part of our “identity and purpose in life” gets a jolt of the new reality […]

Denver Filmmakers Spotlight TBIs and Medical Cannabis

Takeda, Allred relate their experiences after traumatic brain injuries After actor Scott Takeda suffered numerous concussions and remained stagnant in his recovery until he found medical cannabis to alleviate symptoms, he then found himself facing the stigma and shame of turning to medical marijuana along with being a mTBI survivor.  “I was at a family […]

Cohen writes Book to Help TBI Survivors

Joanne Cohen is a board member of the Brian Injury Hope Foundation and a survivor of numerous brain injuries. The June 2019 Survivor Series was possible through a full grant donation from her family:   Dr. Steve and Debbie Cohen A different vibe filled the air at the Survivor Series Luncheon on June 14, 2019, at […]