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The Benefits of Counseling After a Brain Injury

While most survivors of a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) keep a laser-like focus on the physical  healing of the brain, one aspect of the therapeutic process is often an afterthought and usually  forgotten and overlooked. That important aspect is a person’s psychological and emotional well-being. To help survivors and their families understand the importance […]

A Path to a Paycheck After a TBI

So much of “who we are” is linked to our employment. I’m an electrician, a fireman, an accountant, an attorney, a teacher. Yes, we all have a deep attachment to our occupation. So after a mild traumatic brain injury, a part of our “identity and purpose in life” gets a jolt of the new reality […]

Denver Filmmakers Spotlight TBIs and Medical Cannabis

Takeda, Allred relate their experiences after traumatic brain injuries After actor Scott Takeda suffered numerous concussions and remained stagnant in his recovery until he found medical cannabis to alleviate symptoms, he then found himself facing the stigma and shame of turning to medical marijuana along with being a mTBI survivor.  “I was at a family […]

Cohen writes Book to Help TBI Survivors

Joanne Cohen is a board member of the Brian Injury Hope Foundation and a survivor of numerous brain injuries. The June 2019 Survivor Series was possible through a full grant donation from her family:   Dr. Steve and Debbie Cohen A different vibe filled the air at the Survivor Series Luncheon on June 14, 2019, at […]

Providers Offer Innovations in mTBI Care

May 2019 Treatment Panel Emphasizes Brain’s Ability to Heal The Brain Injury Hope Foundation does not endorse any healthcare providers. The goal with the Treatment Panel is to provide information to TBI survivors and their families and caregivers so they can research methods best suited for their recovery. Do you feel as if you are […]

Navigating the Benefits System after a Brain Injury

PERA, ERISA, SGA, SSDI vs. SSI, LTD vs. STD! It’s an alphabet soup when it comes to applying for benefits after an injury, and it’s especially puzzling negotiating the system when a head injury is involved. The Brain Injury Hope Foundation presented a panel of professionals who work with the “system” to help guide traumatic […]

TBI Survivors Overcome Obstacles to Create a Better Life

Striving to instill hope into the lives of survivors of mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI), acquired brain injuries (ABI) and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) is one of the main goals of the Brain Injury Hope Foundation’s grant-funded monthly Survivor Series. The March 8, 2019, luncheon, featuring a panel of survivors, turned into a powerful, raw […]

Intimate and Sexual Relationships after Traumatic Brain Injury

Demystifying Relationships, Communication, and Intimacy after a Brain Injury with Dr. Ricardo Esparza and Dr. Mary Ann Keatley Relationships with our spouses or significant others are often described as intimate. However, these connections can also refer to interactions with your parents, siblings, caregivers, friends, and coworkers. Intimate relationships differ from acquaintances in that they are […]

Finding Employment After a TBI

Our jobs are a part of our identity. When we meet someone new the first questions often are: What do you do? And where do you work? After a head injury, staying on your job or gaining substantial employment can be difficult. Unemployment or under-employment not only affects our bank accounts it affects our well-being. […]

Brain Injury Treatment Panel #2 Blog, by Eliza Marie Somers

At the Brain Injury Hope Foundation our intention of the Survivor Series is to introduce TBI survivors and their families to different approaches to healing and adapting to life after at TBI. We do not endorse any of the methods or the healthcare providers that participate in our panels. We encourage you to make your […]

Feed Your Brain To Boost Recovery

Are you craving sugar after your TBI? Is your sense of smell and taste off since the accident? Has your appetite diminished? Are you battling fatigue and mood swings? Well, these are just a few of the changes you may experience after a mild traumatic brain injury. However, eating a balanced diet and taking the […]

Beyond Surviving: Fatigue and Energy Management

We have all hit the wall at some point in our lives where we just can’t keep going. It’s like walking into a plate glass door – it stops you cold. Survivors of traumatic brain injuries experience these moments more frequently, even making it hard for some folks to get out of bed. And there […]