MT INVEST Registration

Course Details

The MT INVEST course takes approximately 15 hours to complete. Participants can register at any time and begin the course, working at their own pace. We encourage participants to schedule the course during a 3 – 4 weeks when the time commitment will be reasonable.

Each section has a quiz, and there is a final test after all sections have been completed and passed. For various reasons, enrollees MAY need proof of passing the FINAL test, so it is suggested you PRINT YOUR CERTIFICATE after passing the final test (ask your employer). Make sure to keep it for future reference. After completing the training, you can still utilize the information, forms, or other areas as you need.

Curriculum Details

The MT Invest course consists of five sections, including resources and sample forms:

1. Introduction to Community Employment

2. Assessment for the Job Seeker

3. Job Development

4. Job Analysis, Training & Job Coaching

5. Long-Term Supports, Customer Service & Review

Technical requirements

To effectively participate in the class, participants must have access to a computer and internet connection, an email account,Adobe Acrobat Reader (free software), and Flash Player (free software).

Registration Details:

Registration is available on an individual basis or organizational “membership” basis. For the convenience of organizations, an annual “membership” fee is based on the estimated number of participants that will take the class. The membership is valid for one year from July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021. If your organization chooses to utilize an annual membership, please enroll employees throughout the year by simply emailing the attached individual registration form and instructions for logging in the course will be sent to that individual. Should the number of participants from an organization exceed the membership package before year end, an additional package can be purchased or individual registrations can be utilized. You can pay by check or by credit card through PayPal following the instructions below. If you choose to pay by check, mail the check but please scan and email your completed registration form(s) so your participation can be expedited. Annual membership saves your organization between 20 – 25+% over individual registrations.

Individual Registration Instructions:

1)    Pay online by credit card/Pay Pal or mail a check to the address below.

2)    Register using the attached Individual Registration form – email to and/or mail with check.

Note: Individual registrations can be transferred to another person if the original participant has not created a login for the class.

Organizational Annual Membership Instructions:

1)   Select a package that best meets your needs for the year, and pay online by credit card/Pay Pal or mail a check to the address below.

2)   Mail or email the Organizational Membership Registration form with your agency contact

3)   Register individuals using the attached Individual Registration form throughout the year – email to expedite participation.

Individual Registration $85
Package 1: 1 – 6 participants $400
Package 2: 7 – 12 participants $750
Package 3: 13 – 20 participants $1,225
Package 4: 21+ participants $1,900

To pay by check, complete the attached form and make the check payable to CTAT, LLC.

Download Form – Individual Registration Download Form – Organizational Membership Registration

Mail to:



6732 West Coal Mine Avenue

Suite 227

Littleton, CO  80123

If you have any questions about the course or registration, please email Gayann Brandenburg at or call (303) 349-4058 or (844) 444-4522.