Meet Our Team

Gayann Brandenburg, M.S.

Managing Partner, CTAT, LLC

Senior Organizational Consultant

Gayann is Managing Partner for CTAT, LLC and has worked in the disability field for over 35 years and in training for human service professionals for 23 years. She worked for Rocky Mountain Human Services for over 19 years first as a Trainer for CTAT specializing in employment and behavioral supports, then as Associate Director, and then Director. Gayann has worked in the disability field in South Dakota, Minnesota, Alabama, and Colorado. She has an eclectic background in community employment, transition, family support, case management, grant writing, management, training, and facilitation.

Gayann is frequently requested to speak/train on a variety of management and disability related topics and has produced several training videos for human services’ staff in addition to her expertise in grant writing. She is a champion of employment for people with disabilities. She works tirelessly to bring the message of employment to all sectors: job seekers with disabilities and their families, human services, business, higher education and government. Her beliefs are: everyone can work in the community with the right support, and collaborative efforts are the foundation of successful employment opportunities. According to the Gallup Organization’s Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment results, Gayann’s top five strengths are:

  • Analytical: Gayann has the ability to think about all of the factors that might affect a situation. She uses this strength to process information, plan and make decisions.
  • Arranger: Gayann has the vision and ability to organize a project or process while seeking input and remaining flexible, always understanding there might be a better way to get the desired results.
  • Connectedness:Gayann is considerate, caring and accepting. She has strong faith that we are put on this earth for a purpose and in her life, it is to connect with others to serve.
  • Learner: Gayann is always excited to learn something new and enjoys the process of researching and diving into a new subject. She uses this strength to bring new information to her audiences and develop the skills of people new to the human services profession.
  • Relator: Gayann enjoys developing genuine bonds with her colleagues.

These strengths support collaborations for innovative projects that pull people together and achieve results.

Joanne E. Cohen, M.A., CBIS

Managing Partner, CTAT, LLC

Senior Organizational Consultant

Joanne is Managing Partner for CTAT, LLC and has over 35 years combined experience in coaching, consulting, organization development, facilitation, and training, with twelve years directing and managing her teams to focus on successfully supporting strategic and tactical corporate initiatives. She has consulted, trained and coached executives and their teams in the planning and implementation of new strategic directions that are in alignment with the business goals and objectives of their companies.

In addition, Joanne designed and implemented highly successful corporate Leadership Pipeline Programs with limited funds and currently consults, coaches and facilitates sessions with executive leadership and front-line teams. She has kept pace with the current business needs and provides clients with excellent resources for understanding and managing change and stress in addition to developing exemplary professional presentation skills. Her expertise domestically and globally spans the health and human services, telecommunications, hi-tech, manufacturing, mining, biomedical, oil and gas, and aerospace industries in addition to teaching Higher Education classes. Joanne is currently Managing Partner for CTAT, LLC.

She designs and facilitates Survivor Series Training Sessions for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) survivors, is a certified Bootstraps Asset Building Education Facilitator and Master Trainer of Facilitators, and was the liaison for the National “Engaging Veterans with Disabilities in National and Community Service” projects. Joanne speaks at conferences, consults with organizations to support critical business issues, and participates in various other grants/initiatives. According to the Gallup Organization’s Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment results, Joanne’s top five strengths are:

  • Arranger:Joanne has the vision and ability to take something from nothing, producing a high quality experience and results that others are able to appreciate.
  • Connectedness: Joanne is a caring and accepting “bridge builder” which allows her to see the links between people and processes in an organization. She utilizes this strength to build meaningful relationships and high performance teams.
  • Developer: Joanne recognizes the potential in everyone and willingly provides the tools to promote and encourage people to succeed and transform. These signs of growth in others are the fuel that brings her strength and satisfaction.
  • Responsibility: To earn credibility, trust and respect, Joanne takes ownership for individual and (her part of) team success in the spirit of integrity, loyalty, and dependability.
  • Empathy: Joanne has a strong sense of empathy for others which allow her to appreciate the perspective and uniqueness of colleagues, clients, and friends.

When you add all these strengths together, you have someone who is results-oriented with an emphasis on people/relationships that appreciates the potential in all of us and is committed to individual and team success.

Sue Fody, M.A.

Senior Associate, CTAT, LLC

GOT IT! Learning Designs, LLC. Owner

Sr. Instructional Designer and Graphic Recorder

Sue has over with 20 years of experience creating learner-focused training programs for both classroom and online learning. She integrates graphic maps and illustrationsinto the training sessions. These maps are designed to compress the learning curve and increase learning retention. For the 65% of us who are visual learners, watching the formation of visual content as it unfolds in the classroom is an exciting experience that reinforces key concepts.

Sue is owner of GOT IT! Learning Designs, LLC, which offers instructional design and graphic recording. Why the name GOT IT!? By illustrating complex concepts, the visual representation makes understanding so much easier than reading or hearing it, the learner says, “Oh! I see it now! I GOT IT!”

Sue inserts Graphic Recording into training programs in the form of class agendas, content summary maps, illustrations of financial and other complex concepts, and meeting/retreat summary maps. The completed, full-sized 4 foot x 8 foot maps are displayed in buildings in common areas. The maps are often electronically scanned so learners are provided with their own, smaller full-color copies. These copies serve as long-term content reinforcement and learning retention tools, increasing the application of the learning.

Sue has designed and facilitated training sessions in large corporations, non-profits, and small businesses in the telecommunications, healthcare, fitness, and high-tech industries as a few examples. She has presented at international conference sessions and professional organizations.

According to the Gallup Organization’s Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment results, Sue’s top five strengths are:

  • Achiever:Sue has drive and passion to get things done. It serves her well to produce excellent products for her clients, helping them reach their goals in a fast-paced environment.
  • Input: This strength indicates an inquisitive mind constantly seeking information. Sue applies this strength to learn about her clients in-depth, so the learning material and graphic maps help the client reach targeted goals.
  • Learner: What could be a better strength for a person in the learning industry? Sue’s skills can be applied to any industry, as her love for learning drives her ask the right questions and learn well about the client’s industry and needs.
  • Focus: A strength in focus provides Sue with natural guidance to move towards a goal and complete projects. Focus helps Sue listen intently to filter only the important concepts, prioritize what she hears and then design a graphic speaks to key learning objectives.
  • Harmony: Harmony means Sue is easy to work with. She is a good partner and collaborator.

    When combining these strengths, Sue focusses on really learning about the client’s business. As a collaborative partner, she can create an effective training package targeted to the learner and what their training needs to achieve.

    Sue is active in her professional association, The Association for Talent Development (ATD), as Past President and continues to serve as an active board member. She is also a member of the International Federation of Visual Practitioners (IFVP), the growing organization for graphic recorders.
    On a personal note, Sue is an avid road cyclist, and enjoys hiking, snow shoeing, and Plein Air drawing.

Nancy Freeman, CBIST

Senior Associate, CTAT, LLC

Senior Trainer/Consultant

Nancy Freeman, Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer, CBIST, is a passionate professional in consultation and education with skills in employment related to disabilities with a focus on brain injury. She has over 25 years experience in training, presenting, and executive leadership. In addition, she also is a skilled expert in design, development, implementation, evaluation, assessment, and directing education programs and events. Nancy is an enthusiastic and sought after educator. She is asked to present and consult across the country for audiences in academia, nonprofit, corporate, disability, military, federal, state and local programs.

For many years she has successfully created and chaired the National Brain Injury Employment Conference transforming the thinking that people can’t work post injury. She brings her topics alive and makes them vital to her many audiences; providing important principles, strategies, a high level of energy and encouragement to reach for the extraordinary. According to the Gallup Organization’s Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment results, Nancy’s top five strengths are:

  • Achiever: She has a great stamina and works hard to produce spectacular tangible results.
  • Positivity: She has contagious enthusiasm that brings excitement to all projects and presentations that stems from her love of life.
  • Focus: Nancy brings follow through and direction to her work through planning and detailed tactics to ensure success for herself, her audiences and all of her projects.
  • Input: She collects information to create changes to the benefit of humankind. Nancy loves to share her treasure troves of wisdom in her presentations.
  • Competition: Through her self-competitive nature she strives for “world class” results.

When you add all these strengths together you have someone who creates innovative strategies and infuses each project with focused energy, unparalleled success, and positively changes the world.

Nancy is a consummate gardener, a yoga enthusiast, a proud Aunt and enjoys traveling with her husband, Bruce.

Tyler Paris, M.P.A., CBIST

Senior Associate, CTAT, LLC

Senior Trainer/Consultant

Tyler’s varied career has fashioned a unique perspective on employment for people with disabilities, job development, Social Security benefits, organizational change, implementing change, performance management, and supported employment management. Tyler has developed numerous training topics and has spoken at national, regional, and state conferences. His training formats have included face-to-face, distance learning, desktop, and self-paced training. Tyler’s previous work experience included insurance agent, radio advertisement salesperson, security guard, hod carrier, low income weatherization project director, bicycle repair shop owner, and jeweler.

Tyler received B.S. and M.P.A. degrees from the University of Wyoming, an A.A. S. in welding technology from Aim Community College and is a graduate of Stewarts International School for Jewelers. According to the Gallup Organization’s Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment results, Tyler’s top five strengths are:

  • Futuristic: Tyler inspires others to imagine a future of possibilities and alternative direction. Coupled with his with ideas, he is a potent force for change.
  • Ideation: He is fascinated with ideas and is able to find fresh connections between what is happening now future directions.
  • Learner: Tyler has a desire to learn and looks for new ways to improve organizations.
  • Strategic: Looking past current success, Tyler has the ability to develop new ideas, alternatives, and options to achieve the end goal.
  • Positivity: His contagious enthusiasm gets others excited about the many possibilities for success!

When you add all these strengths together, you have someone who is willing to look at many different ideas to create a positive future using strategic options available now and in the future.

When not working on his tandem bicycle, Tyler can be found with his wife, Wendy.

Debra Whitehead

Senior Associate, CTAT, LLC

Senior Trainer/Consultant

Debra Whitehead brings over 25 years of experience in advancing organizational and team performance by implementing innovative techniques in training, facilitation, strategic organizational consulting, and human resources. Operating from the premise that everyone is a resource in a community, she helps people in organizations work more effectively together. Debra particularly specializes in strategically addressing the gap between desired performance and actual performance of individuals and teams.

She’s worked in nonprofit organizations, government agencies, health care, schools, American Indian nation, corporate manufacturing, and aerospace including NASA. She has facilitated groups, assisting in improved collaboration and skill development in a variety of contexts including people with disabilities, elder care, poverty, community advocacy, and more.

She creatively and effectively developed, designed, and delivered distance and in-person programs to increase skills in culture change, supervision, management, leadership, conflict management, team development, ethics, training trainers, communication, performance management and accountability, employment and poverty, and more.

According to the Gallup Organization’s Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment results, Debra’s top five strengths are:

  • Individualization: Debra is attuned to the unique qualities of people and uses this gift to help teams work together productively and participants in class settings succeed.
  • Strategic: Faced with any given scenario, she quickly spots the relevant patterns and issues and poses alternatives to move toward fun and successful outcomes.
  • Empathy: Debra senses others’ perceptions which allow her to safely support dynamics in groups and with individuals.
  • Ideation: A fountain of ideas, Debra consistently demonstrates a surprising ability to connect seemingly disparate and even remote themes or ideas, creating possibilities where none seemed plausible before.
  • WOO (winning over others): Through her naturally warm and welcoming approach, Debra is adept at meeting new people and building connections with them quickly.

When you add all these strengths together, you have someone who creates a welcoming environment, allies herself with individuals in their successes, and proficiently explores and plans for solutions with groups.